A very fine and large Chinese armorial teapot for the French market. Qianlong

Decorated in the  famille rose palette, with the coat of arms Trublet de la Villejegu, D’azur, au chevron d’argent, chargé de trois roses de gueules, with Montigny du Timeur, D’argent, au chevron de gueules (ici d’azur), chargé de cinq coquilles d’or, accompagné en chef de deux étoiles d’azur (ici de gueules), et en pointe d’un mont de même (ici d’or) enflammé de gueules.

Period :
Qianlong (1735-1795), ca. 1750
6.22 in. / 8.26 in. (16 cm / 21 cm)
Reference :

Related works

For a cup from this service, see Armoiries Françaises et Suisses sur la Porcelaine de Chine au XVIIIe siècle, 2009, p. 121.


This service was ordered for Michel Trublet de la Villejégu (born in 1713). He was naval Captain of the Compagnie des Indes in Lorient, and commanded in particular the Mascarin (1749-1751), sailing to China and the Rouillé (1753-1754), sailing to Pondichéry.

In 1744, he married Anne-Marguerite de Montigny du Timeur (daughter of Laurent-André, Royal Prosecutor in Lorient) with whom he had at least two children, including Jacques-Jérome, officer in the Navy, who married his cousin, Antoinette Carré de Lusançay, sister of Pierre Carré de Lusançay (deputy mayor of Nantes, and member of the Expodition d’Entrecasteaux sent in search of La Pérouse). Jacques-Jérome published the Histoire de la campagne de l’Inde par l’escadre aux ordres de M. le bailli de Suffren en 1802.

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