A Chinese armorial charger for the English market (Jones). Yongzheng

Decorated in the famille rose palette, with the coat of arms of Jones of Monmouth to the center, Sable a stag stating or ; the crest on the rim, A stag trippant or.

Period :
Yongzheng (1723-1735), circa 1728
12.40 in. (31,5 cm)
Reference :

Related works

A later Chinese famille rose tea set (circa 1735), with the arms of Jones of Monmouth, from the collection of the baronne Salomon de Rothschild (born Adèle de Rothschild) is in the collections of the Musée du Louvre (France, Paris, inventory number R1173 to R1191).

This coat of arms was previously attributed to the Morris family (David Howard, Chinese Armorial Porcelain, London, 1974, vol. I, p. 232), but corrected by David Howard in Chinese Armorial Porcelain, London, 2003, vol. II, p. 155.


The most likely family is that of Jones ‘of Monmouth” and a bookplate circa 1725 (Franks collection 16703) with exactly this coat of arms is engraved “Samuel Jones” and impales Lake (as borne by Sir Bible Lake, Sub-governor of the Africa Company, created a baronet in 1711). This could be either Samuel Jones, an Elder Brother of Trinity House and formerly an East India Company director who died in 1735, or more likely another Samuel Jones, a merchant of Stepney and director of the Africa Company. Another book plate of ca. 1735 has the same arms impaling Holden, and is engraved “John Bromwell Jones'”, who was also of Septney when he married Miss Holden in 1736.

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