Chinese Ceramics in the Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: The Ming and Qing Dynasties

Par Christiaan J. A. Jorg
Parution: 1997

The Chinese ceramics in the Rijksmusuem comprise one of the finest but least known collections of Chinese porcelain in the world. This book is the first scholarly publication of the Ming and Qing export wares in the collection. The 400 pieces included, many published here for the first time, are described and illustrated in full color. These include Kraak and Transitional porcelains, a wide selection of Kangxi underglaze blue and polychrome ware, famille rose and other eighteenth-century enamelled wares. Also represented are Chine de commande, blanc de Chine and Yixing wares. In addition there is an important section of imperial wares and pieces made for the Chinese market which includes rare and unusual pieces.

Published by: Philip Wilson Pub Ltd
8.8 x 11.5 inches
336 Pages

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