Caminhos da Porcelana: Dinastias Ming e Qing/ The Porcelain Route: Ming and Qing Dynasty

Par Mary Salgado Lobo Antunes ; Rui Manuel Loureiro ; Jorge M Dos Santos Alves ; Maria Antonia Pinto De Matos
Parution: 1998

During its ten years of existence, the Fundacao Oriente has striven to rekindle and intensify the ties which connected us to the Orient and which hold a decisive place in the Portugal’s history. Perhaps, it may not even be possible to think about Portuguese history without including the ocean and the Orient. The Porcelain Route exhibition, which the Fundacao Oriente is proud to display and is only possible due to the pieces kindly lent by institutions and collectors, bears witness to the Portuguese presence in the Orient and expresses praise of the oceans that made possible Portugal’s dialogue with the world.

Published by: Fundação Oriente
Portuguese, English and Chinese
24x 27,8 cm
331 Pages

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