Art of the Expansion and Beyond

Par Jorge Welsh (ed.)
Parution: 2009

Exhibition catalogue with introduction by Alexandra Curvelo and catalogue entries by Teresa Canepa; An academic catalogue exploring porcelain and works of art from Africa, India, China and Japan from the 16th to 18th centuries.

These objects, that embody the Age of Discovery, were made by local craftsmen in various materials and decorative techniques. They serve to illustrate this great epoch of early contact and trade relations and show how European, particularly Portuguese, culture and art influenced the world from the 15th century onwards. The works of art include a brass plaque from the Kingdom of Benin; a tortoiseshell casket and two black mastic and mother-of-pearl overlaid objects from Gujarat; a group of rare export porcelains and a six-fold lacquer screen from China; and three namban objects from Japan.

Published by: Jorge Welsh Books
English & Portuguese
23.9 cm x 29.5 cm
188 Pages

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